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Career Step UP offers a range of one-to-one personalised career services to Executives and Senior Managers. Career Step UP aims to empower people to take their career to the next level up and focuses on their professional repositioning in the job market and revaluation of their professional skill set.

Thanks to my experience and Italian as my native language, I have mainly worked with Italian expats and more recently expanded to other European expats. Many of my clients have described their experience with Career Step UP as “a pivotal moment in their career development”.

The services Career Step UP offers range from:

International Career Coaching & Personal Branding

Career Management & Development Coaching

Curriculum Vitae & Covering Letter Writing and Optimisation

Job Search Coaching

LinkedIn Profile Coaching & Optimisation

The services offered are created and developed on an ad-hoc basis and exclusively with and for the client.

Each client’s requirements and goals are individually designed both in regards to contents and duration. Once signed up to Career Step UP, the individual agrees to embark on a journey that will consist of a series of revisions and changes to comply with but above all a genuine self-knowledge of their career path that is unique.

For further information, please email or contact me to set-up a free introductory Skype call.

This initial assessment will take about an hour during which time you will have the opportunity to explain your current professional situation and circumstances and then describe your future career expectations. This will, in turn, enable me to understand how I can assist you in reviewing and developing your career step.