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Career Step UP offers one-to-one personalised career services to Executives and Senior Managers, provided by a fully skilled and bilingual Executive Career Consultant.

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All of the Clients sign up to Career Step UP’s services with great enthusiasm and motivation, knowing exactly what to expect from the range of services provided.

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I am very grateful to all the clients I have been honoured to assist to date. They continuously engage and help me as much as I support them in thinking “out of the box”.

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Career Step Up - Giulia Moretto

Hello! I am Giulia Moretto, founder of Career Step UP.

I am an Executive Career Consultant and an enthusiastic Motivational Mentor. Originally from Italy, I have been living in the UK for almost ten years, out of which I acquired experience and a range of skill set, initially in writing, reviewing and optimising Curriculum Vitae and Covering Letter to then assisting clients with Job Searches. These skills were then extended to assist and coach Executives and Senior Managers in taking the next step in their career with a bespoke coaching service.

Why Career Step Up? The answer is simple: it started as a challenge to help people to relocate to the UK for personal and professional reasons. And it went on as a genuine passion for assisting senior professionals to discover their ideal career path. Now Career Step UP’s goal is about inspiring, motivating and allowing them to go above and beyond their own ambition.

With my assistance and coaching, clients take on their own career project, empowering them to create their next step and develop their professional and personal branding.

I am skilled at helping Senior Managers & Executives clients to embrace new opportunities in a job market that is often new to most of them; bringing along challenges and sometimes a gap in expectations from the country of origin.

The most rewarding part of my job is having my clients helping me in increasing my career coaching skills as much as I help them to be in charge of their career step up.

You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile